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With menhir era update comes a new way how to settle your second village extremely fast. Here is the step by step guide in order to receive best outcome and of course, your second village in no time 🙂

So let’s dive into it. The best tribes are in this order Gauls – Teutons – Romans.

Server start

Right after you complete your tutorial, send your hero to an adventure and your troops to a cleared hideout. Do this before you start clicking buildings otherwise it will slow you down.

Tip: During tutorial when you are sending attack to a robber hideout, send all your units, not just the recommended ones. They will all return back right away, but you will steal more resources, which might save you 20-30mins. Remember, in this rush every small thing counts 🙂

Let’s continue, here is the step by step list. Please note that during these steps you have to permanently send your hero to adventures and clear robber hideouts with units. If you have your hideouts close to you, clear both of them. If they are far away, clear just one and you will relocate.

  1. Warehouse 2
  2. Granary 2
  3. Dismantle all rubbles
  4. All croplands 1
  5. All resource fields lvl 1
  6. All croplands 2
  7. One of each resource field 2
  8. Train 5 troops (This will help you to clear first camps faster!)
  9. All resource fields 2
  10. Warehouse 3
  11. Granary 3
  12. All croplands 3
  13. All resource fields 3
  14. Main building 5
  15. Embassy, Cranny and Marketplace lvl 1
  16. Residence 1
  17. Warehouse 6
  18. Granary 5
  19. Residence 1 – 5
  20. Reward from quest – Residence 10
  21. Start training your first settler
  22. At this point you should have cleared out at least one robber camp

    Tip: If you are a gold user. Spend some golds on card game and widraw cards for resource and crop crates. Spend them right now when you still have some production.
  23. From this point your goal is to relocate as soon as possible. Finish clearing out your hideouts and relocate.
  24. Barracks 3
  25. Academy 1
  26. After relocation spend the resources you received for training of another 2 settlers

    Tip: Don’t forget to clear new hideouts also with your settlers! It’s a huge boost. Clear the hideout with your hero and then send the settler with few troops to get the resources.
  27. Main Building 10
  28. Demolish the residence and time it that the demolition will finish right after the third settler is trained!
    On 1x speed this takes 04:15:00
    On 3x speed this takes 01:25:59
  29. Warehouse 7
  30. Granary 6
  31. Academy 5
  32. Dismantle rubble
  33. Academy 10
  34. Workshop 1
  35. Town hall 1
  36. Demolish Academy
  37. Demolish Workshop
  38. Demolish Barracks
  39. Granary 8
  40. Celebrate small party

Huray! Your settlers are on the way to your desired location. Please note that after you clear your 3 and 4 hideout camp you can relocate once again to get closer to your desired location.

This guide requires some gold spend, but it should be easily covered with the initial 40 gold you receive.

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